Peter O. Zierlein

Sudo Shoes | 1771 Massachusetts Avenue

Peter O. Zierlein
MFA in Visual Arts, 2011
Adjunct Faculty in Illustration
Belchertown, MA

paper cut on 20-lb sketch paper, 2012

One wing: $1334
Both wings: $1668

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I am exploring issues of power and equality in form of (large format) symmetrical paper cuts. I fold paper in half and draw cutting with a knife anticipating the repetition of each cut as it will appear mirror reversed once the paper is unfolded. I’m interested in the dimensionality of the paper once I’m cutting through the flat surface of the paper. The paper cut becomes a stencil for color or silhouette against the light. Symmetrical design is iconic and a good visual metaphorical device for visual commentary on the paradigm of power and equality.

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