Susan Emmerson

University Hall | 1815 Massachusetts Avenue

Susan Emmerson
MFA in Visual Arts, 2012
Bloomington, IL

Anatomy Book
acrylic paint on illustration board, 2012
$500 each or $7500 for entire series (20 paintings)
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Depictions of the human body have always been an integral part of visual art, as we are insatiably interested in our own bodies and the bodies of others. People have long pondered the connections between the physical body and a metaphysical self, sensing that the essence of individuality is intimately associated with both a solid, touchable form and a more ethereal spirit. I explore the connections between art and science and self in the imagery of the body.

In my work I use anatomic images to question the relationships of the human form with the surrounding environment, and between the viewer and his or her own body.  Some of my work involves large but fragile wall hangings of cut paper or Tyvek, where I use the size of the pieces to show the grandeur of bodily structure and function and the fragility and transient nature of the medium to remind viewers of the impermanent nature of our lives. In my recent series of paintings, Anatomy Book, I create a more quirky, whimsical view of invented body organs.  Maybe these can help my viewers smile and feel a little more comfortable with the bodies they live in.


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