Shaun MacDavid

TAGS Hardware | Porter Square Shopping Center

Shaun MacDavid
Studies in painting and drawing 1984-86
West Cornwall, Connecticut

Mixed Media Paintings
collage, oil and acrylic paint, 2003-2007

The following paintings are available for purchase:

  • Tennessee Summer, $2600
  • Mother and Daughters, $3400
  • Blue All Around, $2600

Download Shaun MacDavid’s price list
To purchase this artwork

Note: Memory of a Summer Day, Under the Tree Beneath the Stars, and August Moon are on loan from private collections and are not for sale.

I work with the figure and its environment, combining these images in a free, imaginative way. The paintings make use of scenes from my life, dreams, and imagination. I create these paintings to evoke the feelings we have about memories, the almost dreamlike sense that comes from remembering people and places over time. I work with small, often intimate scenes that I paint and then collage onto a larger canvas. I connect the images with paint, to create texture and movement within the painting. As I paint, I often scrape out areas to reveal parts of images underneath. The final work contains the richness of many layers, much as the layers of memory, dreams, and imagination live in our minds.


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