Betti Pettinati Longinotti

Coccinelle | 1786 Massachusetts Avenue

Betti Pettinati Longinotti
MFA in Visual Arts, 2012
Winston Salem, NC

Homage to Kollwitz
stained glass assemblage, 2011
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Embracing the mission of the Guerrilla Girls, a feminist art group fighting for the rights of women artists, past and present, this investigation of work seeks to recognize and celebrate the contributions of our ‘she-roes’.  With an intention to re-inform the art canon, the faces of women artists over the centuries are re-presented.  One woman artist I am celebrating is German artist, Käthe Kollwitz.

Homage to Kollwitz grows out of a seductive fixation on women artists whose lives were muted by the hegemony of their male dominated world.  Through a relationship of biographical and visual dialogue, a maternal meta-narrative is conceived.  New synergies are crafted from both opaque and transparent structures through expressive layers, using an alchemy of color, glass and light.


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