Cynthia Hauk

University Hall | 1815 Massachusetts Avenue

Cynthia Hauk
MFA in Visual Arts, 2010
Northampton, MA

Discovering Home Again

The notion of home has been an underlying theme in my work for the past several years. In this body of work, I am continuing my exploration of home and migration trends in Cambridge, MA. As a military daughter, I have lived in 3 countries and more than 15 homes. I am fascinated by the many reasons people move, how people redefine their home and acclimate to a new space, and have a particular interest in migration trends as well as the current upheaval many Americans face as a result of the foreclosure crisis. While photography is the primary medium I use to document spaces and the people who inhabit them, the participation of subjects and the community is growing more important in my work. Discovering Home Again incorporates photography through environmental portraits, as well as documented surveys, conversations and relevant data trends shared from the community. This project attempts to resolve a question I am continuously having with my work regarding “How do we define Home?”


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