Percy Fortini-Wright

Abodeon | 1731 Massachusetts Avenue

Lead artist:
Percy Fortini-Wright
BFA Fine Arts, 2003 and MFA in Visual Arts, 2008
Adjunct Faculty
Pembroke, MA

AIB Pre-College Mural Painting
Monique Barnett
Nicole D’Andrea
Adrian Gonzales
Htet Htet Hlaing
Hnin Oo Lwin
Gabriel Mata
Elizabeth Migueles
Megan Monzillo
Lilly Nathan
Shawna Quimby
Santiago C. Ramos
Carolyn Riley
August Rosenburg
Annelise Yee

As We Grow
spray paint on panel, 2012

As a theme for this year’s mural class we are combining ideas around words and imagery. As in my own work our class will be experimenting with language as form. Like the old cliché a picture’s worth a thousand words, I feel also that words can be worth a thousand pictures. After a long discussion with the students we decided on the phrase as we GROW. As teens they felt that the phrase was appropriate for their journey as young artists. Since the Art Institute of Boston has played a major role in their artistic development they wanted to use imagery associated with the departments that cultivated their broad experiences. As all walks of life our own language binds us but our understanding and experience is what makes each person unique. This deeper concept will be seen in the piece, metaphorically speaking, the language will visually weave or bind their experiences together through use of imagery cultivating artistic growth.


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