Alexandria Lowther

Gravestar Community Windows at CVS |
Porter Square Shopping Center

Alexandria Lowther 
BFA in Design candidate, 2014
Merrimack, NH

The Perspective Project
mixed media, 2012
Multiples of these shadowboxes are available for $200 each.
Download Alexandria Lowther’s price list.
To purchase this artwork

I began my Perspective Project Fall 2011 and this is the third installment of the evolution of the piece. The inspiration came after visiting NYC and London, my artistic vision was inspired by people, traffic and architecture. In a NYC park, there is a lookout, encouraging people to enjoy the city views below, while drivers and people below view the people above; those looking up and those looking down connect and become part of the art. While viewing an exhibit at the Tate Modern in London, I saw a painting which was simply a mirror fastened to a canvas. The painting reflected anything before it; it was a painting and yet, it wasn’t. Utilizing street photography and my fascination with people, places and their relationships to shapes within spaces. In this next installation I’ve utilized mirrors and window glass to create a unique 3D user experience in which people viewing the art will become a part of it. In this way I’ve continued to overlap the mediums of photography, fine arts and design to make the boundaries separating them, seamless.


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