University Hall | 1815 Massachusetts Avenue

Curator: Liz Comperchio, BFA in Graphic Design, 2006
Curator: Jodie McMenamin, BFA in Fine Arts, 2006
Installation Artist: Rose Mattos, BFA Fine Arts, 2008 (in collaboration with Erin Heath)

Artist Participants:
Kelly Burgess, BFA in Photography, 2009
Brianna Calello, BFA photography, 2011
Kate Castelli, BFA in Illustration, 2008
Liz Comperchio, BFA in Graphic Design, 2006
Barbara Geoghegan, BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration, 2010
Russ Gossett, BFA Illustration/Design, 2006
Rachel Jackson, BFA Fine Arts, 2009
Tom Keating, BFA illustration 2005
Adam O’Day, BFA Illustration/Design, 2005 (in collaboration with KDONZ)

Glovebox Presents: Art in Unexpected Places
mixed media, 2012

Glovebox is a non-profit artist organization created to enable greater awareness of emerging and established artists. Glovebox strives to enrich the lives of the community through art events connecting art to the community, artists to new audiences, and artists to artists. A catalyst for creative conception, Glovebox represents all mediums of art.

The window project explores unifying artists through one common denominator.  The ‘glove’ represents the common thread for the artists and becomes a canvas for self-expression. The collaboration of all of the gloves together in one cohesive environment represents the support system the artists have for each other.  To unify the gloves into one artwork an installation artist will use his/her own artistic vision to curate and style the window.

Liz Comperchio and Jodie McMenamin began Glovebox in 2007 and the organization was incorporated as a non-profit in 2011.


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