Joan Ryan

Harvard Properties | 1607 Massachusetts Avenue

Joan Ryan
East Boston, MA

inks, (televisions, cell-phones and discarded technology), 2012
Price available on request.
To purchase this artwork

“Ruckenfigur”; meaning positioning the viewer in relationship to work (installation) in such a way that one reflects on the experiences of the sublime and the potential of (nature), technology. My current work, and images enclosed, of large ink scrolls and drawings of discarded televisions aims to poise questions of the contemporary relationship between the growing vastness of technology and our growing smallness in relation to techno science. I use the image of a television and computer monitor as symbols for contemporary technologies and the global information society. Representing these symbols as trash or waste in Landscape (as seen throughout Europe) is intended to question our concepts of reality and/or hyper reality. The image of “self” is no longer seen in the landscape but now only reflected in monitors or phone screens.


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