Linda N. King

Floyd’s 99 Barbershop | 1672 Massachusetts Avenue

Linda N. King  
MFA in Visual Arts, 2007
East Boston, MA

Urban Beauty
c-prints, clothesline, clothespins, 2012
$200,  Note: artist will install the piece at the desired location or give the purchaser materials to do so. Any related travel expenses will  be reimbursed to the artist.
To purchase this artwork

As an artist living in an urban landscape, it is a challenge for me to find the beauty in my surroundings.  One day, looking up at the sky, I realized there is beauty after all.  In the sky is a constant shifting, easily accessible beauty. Tree branches become part of the vista as they grow towards the sun and snippets of nature are suddenly everywhere in the city. I look forward to the opportunity of exploring new environments and discovering and sharing its beauty through my work. The environment is a concern of mine and something that I address in my work. I strive to capture the experience of being in each environment that I portray in an effort to draw attention to the importance of preserving beauty in these environments.


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