Kristin Weber

WardMaps | 1735 Massachusetts Avenue

Kristin Weber
BFA in Fine Arts, 2012
Allston, MA




Corrosion and Columns
intaglio, 2012
$400 each
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When recreating ancient and decaying structures into 2D intaglio images I allow my hand to ‘build’ the structure while the acid’s reaction with the copper plate reenacts nature’s role. When I produce woodcuts I allow nature to have her form in the wood and ‘imprint’ nature with the human form.

Over the past 2 years I’ve noticed an extreme and fast moving evolution in the part of me that my art represents. After working through many exciting ideas and quickly tiring of them, I found that my interests might not visually connect, but internally and with some explanation. Most importantly I attempt to find the connection and interaction between humankind and nature. I find the best way I can achieve this is with printmaking. I work in Intaglio, woodcut, and collagraphs at the moment. I plan to continue my personal research into the connections of human and nature until I reach a personal understanding of their roles and interactions with each other more wholly.


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