Julie Angela Theresa

Nomad | 1741 Massachusetts Avenue

Julie Angela Theresa
BFA in Fine Arts, 2001
Stoneham, MA

Broken Memories
oil, 2009-10

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Size: 24″ x 40″
Medium: Oil on canvas
Year: 2010

Don’t Kick the Bucket
Size: 36″ x 36″
Medium: Oil on canvas
Year: 2009

Size: 40″ x 30″
Medium: oil on board
Year: 2010

Screwed Up
Size: 27″ x 32″
Medium: Oil on canvas
Year: 2009

Little Blue String
Size: 27″ x 30″
Medium: Oil on canvas
Year: 2009

In 2009, I moved into the house my Grandparents had lived in. The garage and basement were still filled with some of their things. It had been 28 years since either of them lived there, but I still came across some of my grandparent’s possessions. Since moving into the house, I have discovered some treasures. I found rusty old objects that look like they have been used year after year.  There was a wheelbarrow in the back yard and a handmade chain that were covered in rust, but how many stories did they hold?  Nowadays most objects are routinely used, abused, and discarded.  In today’s disposable society, where everything is old 5 minutes after you buy it, and the 3 R’s of reading, writing and arithmetic have been replaced with reduce, reuse and recycle, everything is used once and either thrown into a trash can or recycling bin.  Nothing is ever held onto, and appreciated.  These paintings were made with a hope that people will see the beauty in the old and discarded.


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