Savannah Jade Renaud

Susanna | 1776 Massachusetts Avenue

Savannah Jade Renaud
BFA in Photography candidate, 2015
Northborough, MA

Remembrance Series (scroll down to more photos!)
digital photography on museum-quality fiber rag paper, custom framed and matted, 2012
$395-$450 each

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Loss is something that no one will escape, but how deep that sorrow will go because of this loss varies for everyone.  After losing my Grandmother to cancer this spring, with no time to spare in life to truly mourn this event, remembering and memorializing her in my artwork became a necessity.

Coping is a thing that comes with loss, and having never lost anyone before I did not know how to.  I needed to remember how beautiful my Grandmother was in life, so I wanted to create a series of photographs that are as beautiful as she was.

Emotions vary in the pictures, almost like days. Life is undoubtedly short, and I have explored the lifespan of objects that were hers including pans she used for years in her restaurant, and the flowers all taken from her Celebration of Life party. Through a process of self discovery as well as the process of coping, I have created this body of work and I will continue to use this as a therapeutic process.



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