Julia Kirchmer

Harvard Properties | 1607 Massachusetts Avenue

Julia Kirchmer
BFA in Art History/Fine Arts candidate, 2013
Allston, MA

Every Knot Matters
Rope, mirrors, tin, natural dyes, yarn, duct tape, insulation tape, solar panel lights, 2012
Portions of this installation may be purchased individually; price on request.
To purchase this artwork

I am particularly interested in art that brings people together and puts them in touch with their own senses, such as installations that urge communication and play.  I value collaboration, multidisciplinary projects, and public art.

This project stemmed from two sources: my interest in the 1960s architectural group, “Archigram”, and from my inheritance of crocheting as family heirloom craft.  My grandmother has recently lost her incredible crocheting skills due to old age, and I am her only granddaughter.  Dichotomies are important to this installation: I chose to mimic the shape of the legs of Archigram’s  “Walking City” drawings in tin, a part of the human body that my grandmother never had healthy use of due to suffering polio as a child.  The tin legs of Every Knot Matters strongly support and suspend the crocheted segments, with broken mirrors at the centers of each node to reflect foot traffic passing by.  My grandmother has been fighting her whole life to walk, but has passively allowed age to sweep away her conviction to craft viciously with her hands.  Bringing the movement of life, shadows, and sunshine into this installation feels good.


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