Adelaide Murphy Tyrol

Harvard Properties | 1613 Massachusetts Avenue

Adelaide Murphy Tyrol
MFA in Visual Arts, 2007
Plainfield, VT

The Hunt
ink and acrylic on canvas, 2012

Predator I
7.5’ x 14.5’

Predator II
6’ x 8.5’

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My work explores ideas and intuitions I have about the confluence of the natural world and the human enterprise. These paintings are the result of recent time spent at a falconry school in Southern Vermont.  For me, the ancient sport of hunting with birds directly addresses themes of human interaction with nature and the relationship between instinct and logic, ideas that interest me as an artist.

To produce these large paintings,   I staple the canvas to my studio floor and paint standing up using large scenic brushes taped to bamboo poles.   I load the brushes with the medium – either paint or ink- and work very broadly.  I then work with small brushes to bring up areas of fine detail.

A painting is a visual balancing act weighing light with dark, smooth with rough, deliberate with accidental.  Somehow this balancing act of materials and physical properties has the potential to address deep and untethered parts of the mind.


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